About RMC Property Holdings

RMC Property Holdings was founded in 1988 in Dallas, Texas. Over the past 34 years, RMC Property Holdings and its principals have acquired, developed and/or managed more than $2.5 billion of real estate – including more than 2,000 apartment units, in excess of 7 million square feet of office space, 500,000 square feet of retail space and 2,000 hotel suites.

Today, RMC Property Holdings is a full-service real estate firm with extensive experience in acquiring, developing and managing a versatile array of commercial properties – including hotel, office, industrial and retail. RMC Property Holdings currently leases and manages more than 750,000 square feet of office and retail space.

RMC Property Holdings structures transactions with investors – both private and institutional – whose desire is to maximize their return on investment while maintaining a strong emphasis on the preservation of capital.

RMC Property Holdings has been entrusted with our investors and partners’ capital as well as our own. RMC Property Holdings creates value and delivers superior returns by identifying unique investment opportunities, providing exceptional investment management and executing a disposition strategy that takes advantage of asset maturity and market conditions. To ensure success, the firm attracts and nurtures the best and the brightest employees, executes innovative investment and operating strategies that focus on growth and market leadership and provides consistently outstanding customer service.

RMC Property Holdings asset management team monitors each asset on a monthly basis to evaluate the “maturity” of each asset, taking time to research and understand the current pricing of similar deals in the market. This information allows RMC Property Holdings to target the opportune time to sell in order to maximize the return on each investment upon disposition.

RMC Property Holdings

R. Maurice Crowe Jr

R. Maurice Crowe, Jr.


Kevan Dilbeck

J. Kevan Dilbeck

Chief Operating Officer + General Counsel

Elizabeth Burrows

Elizabeth Burrows, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Monnie Slaton

Asset Manager